Karimian Law Group | Mediation
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Karimian Law Group offers a comfortable and positive environment for facilitative and evaluative styles of mediation. Mediation is a voluntary, impartial, and confidential forum for dispute resolution. It serves as the fastest and most cost effective channel of dispute resolution in the legal field. It is less costly than litigation or arbitration and disputes can be resolved in a matter of hours. It leaves the parties with the power in their own hands to resolve their conflicts without a neutral judge or jury making the decision for them.Various conflicts and disputes can be settled in effective and efficient ways through this process.

Mediation is a win-win for all parties involved. Parties either reach satisfactory resolutions to their disputes or, if a resolution is not reached, parties do not forfeit their rights to other remedies such as litigation. A successful mediation always leads to the satisfaction of all parties. Contact Us today for more information or a free consultation.

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